20+ Feng Shui Clock Placement

You can use various feng shui animals such as the rooster in this room. Best Direction to Place a Clock.

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The clock shall be placed in an auspicious rather than inauspicious direction so as to block and take away the evil things.

Feng shui clock placement. Where you decide to put a wall clock can have a big influence on the feng shui of both the room it is in and even of that of the entire house. Feng shui clock rule. You can use these feng shui rules to capitalize on the auspicious energies a clock attracts into your home or office.

Find out the best and the worst feng shui areas to display a clock. Kitchen Feng Shui Decorating The main concern for feng shui in a kitchen is the placement of water versus fire appliances and the direction of the kitchen. So those small miniature clocks or antique winders do not count as they have too weak a presence.

DO use a pendulum or chiming clock to activate the 1 star of opportunity and income. The main feng shui clock placement rule advises not to have more than one clock per room. It is behalf of movement and flow.

If the room space is small you should not place one heavy clock. Do not place it in the west too. Avoid placing it in the east as it can affect the health of the male occupants.

DO make sure your clocks are not oversized or dominate your room. It should be a place where you are only governed by your internal clock rather than a mechanical one. Much less display several different ones.

Best shape for clocks in feng shui are round octagonal and hexagonal. Clocks in the house are not bad feng shui if you know where to display them. Clocks are metal objects in Feng Shui.

Some feng shui practitioners feel this rule encourages too many clocks. When she learned from feng shui that houses need movement or a heartbeat she went out and bought a pendulum clock to hang in the center of the house. While it isnt considered bad feng shui to have a clock on.

Only big clocks and those that are hung on walls are taken into consideration. At 4 pm that day the realtor called to schedule four showings And if you want to dive in to your own personalized feng shui in a modern practical way Say hello to Feng Shui 101. A big clock or clocks should never be placed in your bedroom place for sleeping.

West of your house. The large clock will host the room and the sound of the clock. Use clocks in feng shui.

How ToUse clocks in feng shui. If you choose to hang the clock in the living room avoid placing them in the position that you can see the clock as the first thing upon entrance. The rooster is an auspicious animal in feng shui representing prosperity and warding off arguments.

Rules about feng shui clock placement still guide good feng shui practices. Red color is fire of five elements and the West behalf on Metal North behalf on Water. Timepieces are methodical and accurate.

In general clocks arent deemed auspicious in feng shui. Because metal chops wood hanging a clock in the family and wealth guas will cause stress in these departments of your life. As you know the water and metal are not compatible with fire.

This direction is the inauspicious direction in. The bedroom is the place for absolute relaxation the place where time slows down so to speak and it has to be ruled by a different clock – your own body clock. Do not hang or put the clock at the Bai Hu direction ie.

When they arent thats when trouble begins. Place the clock according to the color and material of the clock. But as far as clocks go the answer is to whether theyre good feng shui or bad depends on how theyre used how theyre received and where theyre placed.

DO use a pendulum or chiming clock to deplete and drain nasty earth stars 25 from becoming problematic southwest and center in 2013. For example if your clock color is red color you shall not pace the clock in West and North. When we discuss clock placements in feng shui.

Feng Shui has to do with the balancing of energies in a home or office. Host will get more wealth or promotion. It means the business will be more active.

We shall follow feng shui five elements Metal Wood Water Fire and Earth rules. You need place one round shape clock in your Office room. They also dont call for much attention visually as they are often placed on tables hidden with other items.

Good feng shui areas to freely display the clocks are the kitchen the living room andor the home office. Best place to display your clock is on the dragon side of your house left side of your house. Therefore they should be placed in the metal and water guas children helpful people and career.

When placed right and used properly clocks are not a concern in feng shui. Having a small clock in your childs room is good feng shui as it helps them understand the passing of time and having a small alarm clock in your bedroom is almost a necessity. DO hang clocks in hallways living rooms or the kitchen.

4- Do not display big clocks in the bedroom or even worse feng shui do not display several different clocks in your bedroom. The bedroom is your sanctuary a place to relax and unwind. Follow these Feng Shui tips to embrace positive energy into your life.

Where to Display Clocks. According to Feng Shui you should not hang any large display clocks in your bedroom.

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