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The pebbles you see on top of a succulent arrangement are called top dressing. Succulents most generally like more water than cacti.

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To create the ideal succulent mix use regular potting mix.

Decomposed granite for succulents. A decomposed-granite path at right is serpentine which is more inviting than simply straight. Put some plastic landscape fabric down blocks rainwater in our climate fyi and top that plastic with DG. There are different types of decomposed granite which can be divided in three large groups natural stabilized and resin-coated.

The problem with sand is that the particles can be so fine that water is held too much for too long in a pot. The misting can cause problems by browning the sides. The best potting soil for succulents is a mixture of two-parts inorganic matter and one-part organic matter 23 inorganic matter and 13 organic matter.

Photograph by Mimi Giboin. Formed from the natural erosion of solid granite its similar to gravel but finer and more stable. Using sand pumice decomposed granite or perlite as the inorganic element in your succulent growing medium is less important than simply ensuring that the soil crumbles easily and lets water flow.

In a decomposed granite garden a mix of edibles in raised beds and ornamentals including low-water perennials and succulents coexist happily. One of the favorite tools in the flipper landscaping toolbox is decomposed granite DG used as a mulch. Some people think it is ok to mist the plant.

Even simpler is a 11 mixture of potting soil and perlite. Maybe sifting out the fines would make a difference. However using decomposed granite in a pot is a bit different than using it in a flower bed.

The natural DG is mostly used as mulch material around trees flower beds as the weathering process continues and the granite adds to nutrients in the soil. Top dressings for succulents come in a wide array of colors textures and sizes. The impressive Agave parryi succulents flanking the center walkway started as tiny babies in the gravel.

It compacts down hard like concrete but has a more natural feel than paving. An example of a good succulent soil mix is 2 parts by volume of a potting soil 1 part perlite and 1 part small size gravel eg pumice turface or crushed granite gran-i-grit a Southern States product for chickens. Many gardeners believe that a mixture of both Pumice and Granite are the most beneficial mineral compounds for using in succulent and cacti soils.

That means that more water gets down to your succulents roots and drains out quickly. Pumice is commonly used as an alternative to crushed granite and tends to dry out quicker than the granite chippings. We usually think in terms of decorative pebbles but you can use sand pebbles gravel crushed granite crushed glass fire glass seashells crushed coral small stones semi-precious gemstone chips like amethyst tiger eye quartz and more.

Sometimes this can prevent the soil from drying out as quickly but if youre using a well-draining soil it shouldnt be an issue. The excellent Agave parryi succulents flanking the facility walkway started as small infants in the crushed rock. Graptopetalum paraguayense Ghost Plant The particle size and consistency of the Bonsai Jack mix are exactly right for indoor succulents.

They then punch some holes in the DGplastic and pop in succulents and maybe a rosemary bush or two. This is not what you want to do. I guess the same is possible with decomposed granite if the particle size is too small.

Swaths of crushed lava rock fill gaps help keep weed seeds from germinating hold moisture in the soil and make plants easier to access for deadheading and pruning. Then add perlite and coarse sand for drainage to create the perfect succulent. To much clay defeats the drainage.

In a decomposed granite garden a mix of edibles in raised beds and also ornamentals including low-water perennials and succulents exist together happily. DO NOT use decomposed granite on your cactus beds unless you wash the clay out. The Advantages of Decomposed Granite – McCabes Landscape Construction In many ways decomposed granite often referred to as DG is the ideal hardscape material.

In horticulture we tend to use Decomposed Granite as a mulch material. For example while Turface is usually only available in 18 particles Jack has been able to get a 14 size specifically to use in this mix.

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