20+ Ways To Display Deer Sheds

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Does anyone display shed antlers in there trophy roomLooking for ideas on how you display themon a oak shelfetc. RACK HUB manufactures antler display products.

Awesome Deer Mount Out Of Sheds Deer Antler Decor Antlers Decor Deer Hunting Decor

Although keeping the antlers inside is the most effective way to protect them it may help to spray or soak the antlers in something that will preserve them.

Ways to display deer sheds. A shop display in Selfridges. This is a simple way to show off that cool antler shed you found. But I can grow some big deer.

North Dakota officials seek elk poacher. Made from local Saskatchewan poplar wood cut with tennon joinery and pinned with a walnut from Ontario wedge. The Tine Tower 48 wall display is suitable for all shed antlers including Deer Elk Moose Caribou Reindeer Stag and more.

Our Innovative ball-joint solution allows you to mount both shed antlers and cut-off antlers and orient them perfectly. If you intend to display the mount high on a wall the face should point downward to the eye level of the viewer. Log in or register to post comments.

How to display your antler shed on your wall. A good idea the old newspapers used as wallpaper. A couple of sheds off of Booners in there.

Just clear off a couple rows of shelves and line the antlers down them any way you please. Heres a pretty neat idea for hardcore outdoorsmen and women. Starting in late December and carrying on through about April depending on where you live youll start finding shed antlers out in the woods.

European mounts are extremely popular and an awesome way to display a bucks antlers. If you use the antler bars and antler inserts the possibilities are pretty much endless as to how you can display your shed antlers. Bruce Aug 7 2008 15.

Antler towel holder gives this modern bathroom a cabin feel. Place them on a shelf coffee table mantle TV stand etc and let your antlers become the focal point of any room. For example you can coat them in two layers of paste floor wax and then buff them until they shine.

The only limits include your imagination and your budget because Rack Hubs stuff aint cheap. Most creative ways to display shed antlers. The theme of a pedestal mount should focus on a capturing a specific moment of the animals life.

Deer elk and moose are beginning to shed their antlers which means shed hunters will soon be scouring the countryside with their eyes glued to the ground. Share this article Comments. I have accumulated a quite a bit of sheds over the years and Im pretty proud of some of them.

Step One Using a combination of sponge brush and toothbrush thoroughly scrub the shed down with the baking soda paste. The simplest way to showcase your sheds. You can adjust the width of your antlers and the antlers.

Cover the antlers with a protective coating. The most dramatic pose for a deer is usually achieved by using a pedestal mount. I was wondering what are some neat ways to display these.

A lovely display in one of my favourite interior shops in Cape town Block and Chisel. Wine racks of antlers can be made easily just attach antlers to the board and place it on the wall or attach antlers to each other so that they created a cool wine display on your table. Wall-mounting is a classic way to display antlers in your home and works beautifully for deer and elk antlers alike.

Jul 29 2008 2. Well now they can with a replica skull european mount kit from Mountain Mikes Reproductions. With that said its usually best to dedicate an entire bookcase or shelving unit solely to deer antlers.

Then you can screw antlers similarly sized and shaped on three sides to create the desired look. But you dont need to go with the traditional plaque or glass case there are plenty of other options out there. Deer shed their rack after mating season each fall.

If you are like me you love finding sheds in. Antlers are artand these stand will allow you to display your antlers properly. But shed antlers dont come with a skull.

How to display shed antlers. Made in the USA. This was supposed to be a planter in our house – but I am not much on growing plants.

Theres really no wrong way to display deer antlers on shelves. European Mount Kits are a Great Deer Shed Mounting Idea. You can use antler bone to make a ring.

Really get into all the nooks and crannies paying special attention to the basemine had a couple bits of fur attached ew. Get those sheds up off the floor. Simply find an antler base or tine with the desired size shape and texture.

Whether youre hunting sheds or you already have a few racks or sheds lying around you can display them in your home after completing some simple and useful do-it-yourself projects. Holds up to 18 antlers and is professionally finished in a copper vein powder-coat for both indoor or outdoor use. Even a modern room can have a complete transformation with the help of antlers.

For example the RH2 bracket comes with stuff to display a pair of antlers on one bracket and it will run you 5999 plus shipping. Maximizing and managing time as a busy hunter. A neat Scandinavian bedroom gets livened up with a collection of deer horns.

106 million to go towards mule deer conservation projects in Utah.

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