Bedroom Wall Sconce Placement

Bedroom Wall Sconce Placement. Wall sconces offer a fix for staircases and hallways that need more even lighting. New wall sconces in the bedroom.

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Just for a reference, the distance between where the cord cover is mounted on the wall and the edge of our bed is about 7″. I knew i wanted something different. However, bedside wall sconces bring special challenges to lighting;

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However, bedside wall sconces bring special challenges to lighting; For convenience, many people desire the sconces to have a switch that can be reached from a sitting position in the bed. Generally wall sconces are installed at a height of 66 inches to 72 inches (5.5 feet to 6 feet) above floor level (rooms with vaulted ceilings can take a higher placement).

Each Sconce Should Be Eight To Ten Feet From Each Other To Provide Even Lighting.

Tips for hanging your bedroom wall sconces. Find the perfect bedroom wall sconce to compliment your bedroom decor. 25 stylish bedroom accent wall ideas.

Wall Sconces Are As Good As Those Dazzling Pendants When It Comes To Providing Task Lighting.

If you don’t have a headboard, you can hang them about two feet above the sides of your bed, or five feet from the floor. Consider putting your wall lights on dimmer switches, and have separate controls for lights mounted on either side of your bed. When i measured out 8 ft for our bed, the placement seemed perfect!

To Ensure A Balanced Look, Keep Some Guidelines In Mind When Installing Wall Lights.

Sometimes too much of a good thing can be too much. Complement for your place starts with this versatile and multifunctional rustic wall décor lighting. The correct height for hanging wall sconces is not just a simple cut and dry answer!

New Wall Sconces In The Bedroom.

I found a tip that recommend to place bedroom wall sconces at least 8 to 10 ft apart. In a bedroom without nightstands, wall sconces can become a necessary substitute for table lamps. Our old lamps were so big and bulky, and they took up a lot of space on our nightstands.


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