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Most integrated kitchen cabinets have a standard height and width so most integrated tumble dryers will have a standard height and width too. Additionally air needs to be expelled from the dryer and this air will have some level of moisture in it which isnt good for your cupboard either.

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This type of tumble dryer works by removing the damp air from the drum before venting it out of the dryer and out of your home via a hose.

Tumble dryer in kitchen cupboard. Im wondering if putting one in a cupboard that is 76 x 60 x 208cm would be ok. Semi-integrated a semi-integrated tumble dryer will also sit within the unit and behind a door but the control panel at the top will still be on show. Condenser dryer has a draw that collects the water vented blows it out through a vent pipe that needs to go outside.

Why you shouldnt install a tumble dryer in a cupboard Theres a very simple answer to this question. Reading some reviews though I get. A washing machine is just as wide and as deep.

How To Fit Kitchen Appliances. If so have any of you experienced issues due to this. May 16 2016 – Tumble dryer cupboard with storage for washing basket.

They sit within your kitchen units and are completely concealed by a door. Free Delivery on Major Appliance purchases 399 and up. If youre short on kitchen or utility room space you might be tempted to put your tumble dryer in a garage.

Ad 18 month financing on Appliance and Geek Squad purchases 599. Ad 18 month financing on Appliance and Geek Squad purchases 599. I had planned to have a Howdens larder kitchen cupboard and put the washing machine and tumble dryer in it stacked one on top of the other.

Theres honestly nowhere else where I could put one short of building an extension to create a bigger kitchen. Consult your user manually it CLEARLY tells u ALWAYS HAVE SOME VENTILATION TO AN OUTSIDE SOURCE TO AVOID CONDENSATIONfor every tumble dryer. HelloWe live in a 1930s semi and have just recently knocked our kitchen through into the dining roomThe problem we have is that there is no space for the tumble dryer – at the moment it is freestanding in an alcoveHas anyone had the same situation.

It has to take air in that is cooler than the air in the dryer and it also has to be able to expel that air once its heated and even on a condenser or heat pump condenser tumble dryer that air which is expelled will have some moisture in it just as a vented dryer expels the air with moisture in it out the vent. A tumble dryer needs a ready supply of cool not too cool and not too warm air to breath. But you should maybe think twice before installing a tumble dryer where more extreme hot or cold can get to it.

The drying process creates steam that is consequently condensed into water and thereafter collected into a tank. Does anyone have theirs in a cupboard in the hall or under the stairs. The condenser type tumble dryer can be fitted into your kitchen without ruining its aesthetics because it doesnt have to vent the hot air out unlike vented tumble dryers.

They are also often cheaper to buy so if budget is a. Get to grips with installing your new tumble dryer with a little help from our handy installation guide. Even integrated appliances will be too tall to fit inside the carcass so the whole cupboard would be best taken out completely so you can have a free standing dryer.

Put it in a cupboard or anywhere the air cant circulate properly. Unfortunately due to constraints within my rented flat there is no room for one in the kitchen. When youre measuring for depth add on 3cm of extra space behind for pipes.

Just like us humans tumble dryers need fresh air. Free Delivery on Major Appliance purchases 399 and up. 1 Put your tumble dryer in an unventilated room.

As long as there is ventilation in the cupboard it will work fine. Im planning on getting a condenser tumble dryer. This enables you to easily change programs and check how long is left on.

Wondering how to conceal the dryer. The more I think about it I dont know how it would work. Since moving from a house with a vented tumble dryer to a house with no room for any sort of tumble dryer Ive been considering getting a condenser dryer and putting it in the cupboard under the stairs.

The machine needs to suck in fresh air and push out moist air the condenser doesnt take 100 moisture out so theres always a little moisture in the expelled air. The short answer to your question is Yes it will work. The cupboard is 600 wide and 575 deep.

Its possible but a. This means you only need to make a note of the depth of the appliance youve got your eye on. Either the cupboard door ajar or a vent in the door will.

A fully integrated tumble dryer has a flat front and should never be left freestanding as it wont be stable enough. With shelving above so it looks like a dresser -. How To Fit A Tumble Dryer.

U CANNOT keep ANY tumble dryer in a cupboard EVERY tumble dryer both vented and condensor tumble dryers need ventilation as the main vent on ALL tumble dryers is at the back of the machine. Vented dryers are in general more energy efficient than condenser dryers.

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